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Esoteric Knowledge







I decided to write a short pice about this subject to shed light on a situation that effects a lot of people, especially people who are on a spiritual path.

There are people who are suffering from attacks that may not understand what is happening to them or know what to do to prevent it.


Perhaps another word for describing negative entity attack, as coined by Carla Rueckert (Channel of the Law Of One Material) is "Negative Greeting". However, on the more serious end of these greetings, Negative Entity Attack is an appropriate term.


In trying to understand what is happening with all of this, we can explore where these attacks could be coming from and one pertinent explanation is a Black Magician. In my experience, the two of the most widely used types of black magic comes from Africa and India. Both are very strong and I have witnessed both these types being used against people more often than not. Other forms of negative attack comes from Beings that exist in another dimension or human spirits that are associated with property and land.


I have found that the reasons for negative attacks are varied and depends on your circumstances. It could be associated with a past life situation, it could be that you are someone who has incarnated from a higher density and have an important mission. Or it could be a revenge attack from someone whom you had a close relationship with. Whatever the case, any form of negative greeting is unwanted and it MUST BE CLEARD as a matter of great importance.


So how do you know if you are experiencing a negative greeting or entity attack?

The symptoms tend to effect people differently so it is difficult to make any statements here other than to say that there is usually a negative entity associated with the attack and you may feel a menacing presence around you.


Negative entity attack is a serious situation and requires a very experienced specialist! A specialist will have a team of their own which is made up of members both from the physical and non-physical world. You could call them Warrior Angels. They are SERVICE-TO-OTHERS and NOT service-to-self so you can feel assured that the right specialist will deal with your situation in a way that is OF THE HIGHEST GOOD which is an important factor. The right specialist will also have psychic ability or will have a psychic on their team which means that the team, both physical and nonphysical, can discuss the best way to deal with your situation.


The main thing to do is to tell the specialist what happened at the start (how did it start?) and do not leave out any details. Did you receive an object from someone? Did you recite words in a foreign language? Did you move into a new house. What happened just before the negative attacks started?


If you believe that you may be experiencing negative entity attack, there are ways that you can help yourself immediately:


1) Do Not Polarise With The Entity. In other words, do not get angry and try to fight it because adding more negative energy will boost the entity and make it more powerful.


2) Do What Is Called “Calling In The Light” which is an invocation.


a) Recite the Lords Prayer.


b) Ask the higher sources for protection.


c) White Light Clearing - clear yourself in the following way: Imagine that there is a heavenly light (a strong white light) above your head. Slowly bring the light down through your head, and imagine that it is like a laser, entering all of the molecules and pushing any black goo down through your body, down towards your feet and down into the centre of the Earth. Whilst you are visualising the light pushing the black goo down, also visualise the area where the light had been and see the area being totally sterile as if you had used bleach.


This is a very powerful and effective visualisation that works very well as long as you practice and make sure that you strongly visualise it. You will probably need to repeat the visualisation a number of times during the course of an attack.


d) Make Yourself Bigger - This is another effective visualisation. Imagine yourself expanding and getting bigger until you are bigger than the Earth. Now imagine that you are looking down at the Earth and you can see the attack but it is so small compared to you that it has no effect on you.


e) If you are able to think of loving thoughts do so and surround yourself with that energy. Loving thoughts are a powerful antidote to negativity.


3) An Effective Way to Deal with Negative Thoughts - If you start to get negative thoughts, just recognise it by saying “oh, there’s that negative thought again”. Do this every time a negative thought comes into your mind and gradually those thoughts will dissipate.


How can you protected yourself in the future from negative attack? - Start to develop a relationship with God. Pray and ask for help with your personal challenges. Ask for help in understanding and recognising your own shadow side. Everyone has one so you are not alone! Do service-to-others things, simple things like being kind to your neighbours, let people out from a road junction, tell a joke, ring a person who may be lonely, offer to carry a disabled or elderly persons shopping bag, offer to pay part of someones bill at a supermarket or just smile at someone. Understand that we are all human and we all have bad days so try to forgive yourself and the people who have annoyed you. It is my belief that we are here to try to get along with each other harmoniously. Not only will life be a much more happier existence, but things will start to work out for you. If you find yourself in a situation where a problem cannot be resolved, it is better to move away from it. Remember that everything is created in the NOW and you have the power to change things RIGHT NOW!


The specialist whom I would highly recommend is Heavenly Have a look at the their testimonials. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, ask if they will accept payment in instalments. Heavenly Clearings have never turned anyone away. They are, in my opinion, the best of the best!


Love and blessings to you. I hope that this information has helped you and that it will be the start of a beautiful, positive transformation in your life.







The first thing you want to do is to clear yourself and make sure you are working with positive forces.


Toward this end, the first command is: "Show me MY 'Yes' " (Take note of whether your pendulum is swinging front to back; or left to right; or in a clockwise circle; or in a counterclockwise circle. For you, this is your "Yes" answer.


Next: "Show me MY 'No' " Note how your pendulum is moving. This is your "No" answer.


Then ask: "Can I work with the pendulum at this time?"

Then ask: "May I work with the pendulum at this time?"

Then... "Should I work with the pendulum at this time?"

Then... "Am I ready to work with the pendulum at this time?"

Proceed only if the answer to each of these is "Yes"


Then ask: "Am I in a state of perfect physical balance at this time?"

Then "............................................astral balance....................?"

Then "............................................mental balance....................?"

Then "...........................................spiritual balance....................?"

If you get any "No's" say, "I do request to be placed in a perfect state of _____ balance at this time" Repeat if there was more than one "No" answer.

Then double check by asking, "Am I correct in stating that I am in perfect balance on all 4 levels at this time?


Next question is: "Are all of my chakras in a state of perfect alignment at this time? If "No" then say, "I do request that all of them be placed in perfect  alignment  at the center point of my body."


Next, "Is my crown chakra in a state of perfect spin at this time?"

Next, "Is my crown chakra in a state of perfect color at this time?"

Next, "Is my crown chakra in a state of perfect tone at this time?"

Next, "Is my crown chakra in a state of perfect balance at this time?"

Then go through all the chakras asking these 4 questions for each:


Third Eye



Solar Plexus



If anything is "out" ask that you be placed in perfect balance (color, tone, spin) until everything is in perfect balance.


(It is important to go through all of this to make sure you are clear and getting answers from your Higher Self and not from a negative source.)


Next Question: "Do I have any entities on my physical level?"

Repeat this question 6 more times, each time substituting for "physical" these other levels:




my beingness

primal self

other A/other B


Then repeat all of the above questions substituting the words "half entities" instead of entities.

Then say, "I request that all of them be placed in a state of perfect alignment, unity and oneness going all the way back to the prototype wave of their beginning of time, each and every one."

Then ask, "Am I correct in stating that all of these souls are in a proper state of balance, unity and oneness and ready to go?"

Then say, "When the timing is right and with assistance and with escorts may these souls be allowed to transcend into their next respective levels - levels of advancement and achievement within the unity and oneness of all things."


Next question is: "Do I have any non-incarnate souls on my ______ level?" Go through the whole list of





my beingness

primal self

other A/other B

Then go through the whole list of levels again asking "Do I have any non-entities on my _____ level?"

When you get through all of that, say, "I only accept thought forms that are in my best interest and request all other thought forms directed toward me or from me to be released. I release anything that is less than love."


Then go back and check your work - ask, "Has this been done on each of the questions?" If you get a "No" go back and do it over. Then say, "I give thanks that this has been done,"


Now you are ready to use the pendulum.


Ask questions that refer to present time. It is not possible for the pendulum to tell the future.

Ask questions that will have either a yes or no answer.



If you are asking for yourself, it is suggested to say, "Is it in my best and highest interest to...... ?"


If you get the wrong answer it is because you are asking the wrong question. To illustrate this point, Kathleen told a story where she was doing a test with the pendulum, asking, "Show me the gold jewellery." When she was in her bedroom, where the gold jewellery was, the pendulum indicated the right place. But when she was in her kitchen, the pendulum indicated the gold jewellery was there. Then she realized that the apartment above her had their bedroom directly above her kitchen. Since she had said "Show me the gold jewellery" instead of "Show me my gold jewellery," she thinks this is the reason she seemingly got a "wrong" answer. She perceived only her apt as being in her space, but forgot that walls, ceilings, etc. do not exist when working with the energy.


Note: The shorter the string on the pendulum, the faster it will respond and move.


Note: It's a good idea to call in the Light, too.


Note: If it doesn't work, check on the entities again.  Once you send a particular entity to the light it is gone for good, but you might have picked one or more up since you did the first clearing. It can happen fast. They get attracted to us when they see our light. Make sure they are cleared out from you and your space.  Then try again.

Kathleen's Pendulum Instructions
Are You Experiencing Negative Attack?









Father, Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light

to surround and protect each person here.


Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light

and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.


We see ourselves in the flow of energy

radiating from the centre of the universe,

through the galaxies,

through the milky way,

through the solar system,

through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth,

through our bodies and into the centre of the earth.


Right now we invoke a group energy connection,

whilst maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.


We invite those Sources that are positive,

service to others,

honouring the Law of One,

to join with us,

as we create a protected space,

that only the positive has access to,

anything not of that nature,

must leave NOW!

Calling In The Light -