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Hello All You Beautiful People!


Below are some random notes I took during this last Saturday's morning call. Some of it is bare bones... names, web sites, etc... and you may need to follow up with your own research on something you are interested in.



Shungite and Orgonite were discussed as protection from EMF / smart meters / chemtrails


Salt lamps (Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt) can clear the energy in a room


DMSO (topically applied) for instant pain relief


Food grade (not hardware store paint thinner/stripper) Turpentine, available through Diamond G Forest Products, Madison, Georgia... mixed with sugar and liquid iron heals many things including cancer per Dr. Art. (Be prepared for possible Herxheimer reaction during detox.)


Dr. Art has used a 28-ingredient (mostly essential oils) inhaled with nebulizer for clearing all kinds of lung conditions... lung cancer, COPD etc. The list, however, is at home and he does not have access to it at this time. He says colloidal silver can also be used in a nebulizer with great success.


Cj recommends "Good Herbs" a company acquired by Youngevity as a source of very high quality herbs. She especially recommends their product called "Super Olive Health"


Cj recommends uplifting music by group "Hang Massive - The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon" available on Youtube


She also recommends the art of "Armonica" also known as "Glass Harmonica" an instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin (aka Wynn!) inspired by the art of making music with wine glasses filled to varying levels.  Examples of this music can be found on Youtube. Glass Harp:

Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky


Helen highly recommends the "life changing" book by Joe Dispenza called Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.  There are many formats shown on including used copies and over 600 reviews, but apparently there is a newer edition being published which will be available on March 5, 2019. It can be pre-ordered.


MaryJo mentions that she heard or read that someone recommended that everyone shut all their home electricity off at the breaker box before bed each night but she thought this was not practical. I agreed... what about your fridge and freezer and all the food that would spoil? She said she thought the name of the guy who made this recommendation was Burrell and I recognized the name. It is Lloyd Burrell and his web site is ... lots of info and advice on protecting from EMF and he sends out regular emails loaded with info for anyone who signs up for his email list. I don't remember the recommendation to turn off electricity at your breaker box, but I don't always have the time to read all the emails I get, so that's probably why.


Cj is creating a web site for our Saturday Call Group and each of us will be able to have our own page! Yay, Cj!! How exciting, eh? The name, as I understand it, is   I was unable to find it on line as yet, so it may not be ready yet... or, if I did not get the name right, Cj, please shoot me an email and let me know and I will send out an update. Can't wait! Thank you, Cj!


Kathleen and Helen say Proton Mail also has a private, encrypted email.

Helen also mentions SmartMail as another private email service.


Cj talks about one of the Sunday calls that she has listened to over and over again and considers it to be one of the best calls ever. It is Sunday, September 22, 2013 and the title is "What's the Difference Between Intention and Desire?"  Access archives at 


Helen recommended the herb Kava Kava for help with anxiety.


Kathleen recommends music by Jonathan Goldman.


Someone (Helen?) recommends the web site - "all positive talk radio" I looked at the web site and this seems to be very similar to BBS Radio


I mentioned that Canadian Professor, Dr. Magda Havas, PhD  mentioned on Coast to Coast last week that there is a place in the U.S. relatively free from  EMFs and which will probably also be protected from 5G radiation. It is the town of Green Bank, West Virginia. Cell towers and such are prohibited within a ten mile radius around the space observatory there, which is attempting to detect radio signals in outer space. EMFs interfere with their ability to detect signals from space. (There may be other such observatories and other such areas, as well, but this seemed to be the only one that Dr. Havas was aware of. Maybe some of us should do some research on other observatories in the country and see if any of them have similar conditions.)


Love and light to all...



Discussion Archive
 Article (1) - 11th







Greetings All,


I have included a couple of pieces of information regarding subjects that were discussed on last Saturday's call.


The first is information from Kathleen about the two organizations mentioned by the Coast to Coast AM guest last Friday night, January 4, 2019... Loyd Auerbach. His own web site is being reconstructed so he did not give out that web site when he was on the show, but he referred listeners to these two organizations, which vet and assess psychics and mediums. So for those of you who may be looking for a trustworthy, authentic psychic or medium, you may want to explore the web sites of the organizations below.


The Windbridge Research Center


The Forever Family Foundation


In addition, according to my notes, Prudie highly recommended a psychic by the name of Elliott Eli Jackson, who channels his Higher Self. She said he is spot on accurate as well as reasonably priced. His phone number is 312-256-6425.


Also, I spoke of a book on numerology which talks about the Reality Number, which most numerology books never mention. I couldn't remember the title or authors names while we were on the call, but I finally found my copy. It's called Your Name Your Number Your Destiny by Juno Jordan and Helen Houston. It's a pretty old book (1982) but I see there are copies available on Amazon for as little as $3.66.


Love to all...



Article (2) - 8th January







Greetings All,


Here are the notes I made from our Saturday call on 23rd Feb 2019.



Ant discusses an appointment that he has made with Fred Brooks (after a group recommendation) Ant is seeking help for his anxiety. Fred has a superb reputation and comes highly recommended.


Cj suggests (for help with anxiety) repeating positive messages whilst putting both hands on the heart chakra.


Jeannie - suggests that current issues can trigger past life traumas and to seek out a good Past Life Regression Therapist. Kathleen and Jeannie recommended Brian Weiss who they have tried. Also to listen to free youtube meditation videos.


Cj recounted an uncomfortable experience whilst listening to a hypnosis track which used a combination of the Ericksonian Method and Binaural Beats - and suggested to be cautious when choosing what to listen to. Jeannie suggested that there could have been an Ercksum effect and that she will listen to the same track and report back what here experiences are.


The group discuses various symptoms (head aches, tinnitus, sore throat) that people were suffering from. Kathleen suggests to look at the Sri & Kira web site to find a list of Ascension Symptoms.


To help with Ascension symptoms Cj recommends "Good Herbs" a company acquired by Youngevity as a source of very high quality herbs. She especially recommends their product called "Super Olive Health" Hellen recommends a herbal supplement called "D-lenolate" by a company called East Park Research.


Anna Davis, who is new on the call today, is a distributor of "Hemo-Him" from a company called She highly recommends it and discusses some heath benefits including repairing of blood cells. A special talk has been scheduled with Anna and Mrs Meme Greer for next Saturday 2nd March 2019 to discuss the health benefits of Hemo-Him and an interesting marketing proposal. Time 10 PST to 12 PST.


Love to all...



 Article (3) - 23rd







Greetings All,


Here are the notes from our discussion on the 6th April 2019. Again, thank you to Jeannie for providing these detailed notes!


Barb said she thinks she may know a solution to Dr. Art’s dizziness. Her friend, who has a problem with dizziness, after some investigation, learned that the problem was caused by calcium deposits in the arteries and blood vessels of her neck and ear area. She has the area massaged to help loosen and dissolve the calcium deposits and this has helped.


Dr. Art says that, believe it or not, Coral Calcium will cause the calcium deposits in the arteries to dissolve. Coral Calcium has 74 trace minerals in it. Coral Calcium will remove kidney stones and gall stones. The reason kidney stones and gall stones form are because the body has a deficiency of minerals, and sensing this, it tries to hold on to the minerals it has, rather than eliminating through urine. When it holds onto the minerals in those organs, over time stones are formed. (Note from Jeannie: This was not mentioned on the call, but there is an herb that is very effective for dissolving kidney stones and gall stones. It is called Chanca Piedra, which translates to “stone breaker.”)


Coral Calcium also helps to eliminate cancer cells. When your body detects cancer cells it takes calcium from the bones, if it has no other source, to fight the cancer. When it cannot spare any more calcium from the bones, then the cancer begins to grow.


Dr. Art believes what will help with his dizziness is something called a Bemer Mat. You lie on this mat for 8 minutes twice a day. But he currently has no access to it… it costs $6,000.


The best source for Coral Calcium is Gibby Media, in Spokane Valley, Washington at 1-509-467-1113. Ask to speak with Ron and let him know that Dr. Art Franklin referred you. You can get a 16 month supply (which is the amount needed for the Triple-Frozen Water cancer treatment) for $205, which includes shipping. It would normally cost $590.


Coral Calcium will reverse osteoporosis.


For complete details and instructions on the Triple Frozen Water Treatment for cancer and other diseases, please see “Meet the Team” and then on the Dr. Art Franklin, ND section.  The instructions are below Dr. Art’s bio.


Dr. Art also spoke about healthy pH levels in the body. Levels can vary from as low as 4.5 to 7.5. Anything outside those parameters would not be viable. A newborn baby’s pH is 7.365. A 4.5 pH is 1000 times more acidic than the body is supposed to be. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.


A machine called the Kangen Machine was mentioned. It is a water ionizer and alkalinizer but please do your own reaserch!


A new organ of the body has recently been discovered. It is called Interstitium, which literally means “in between.”   It is an extremely thin layer of tiny water pockets, around organs and between the organs and skin. These pockets of water are so small they cannot be seen with a regular microscope. Inside these water pockets is where cancer cells begin to grow and this is why the Tripe Frozen Water method works. It flushes out the cancer cells.


Dr. Art also recommends a Celtic Sea Salt called Makai, sold by a company called Selina Naturally in Arden North Carolina. Phone 800-867-7258. One pound costs $23. Mention Dr. Art Franklin. They may give you a better price. 1/8 teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt (the pink salt) on the tongue will cure gout very quickly. But the Celtic Makai Sea Salt has 23% more trace minerals than the Himalayan Salt.


Turpentine can be used to cure many illnesses including cancer. Dr. Jennifer Daniels, M.D. of New York used turpentine on a cube of sugar. She lost her license in New York, moved to Panama and continues to practice there. Best source for food grade turpentine is Diamond G Forest Products, in Patterson, GA. Phone (912) 286-1705. Tell them Dr. Art Franklin referred you. This company is a man and wife who extract and distill turpentine and sell it for $8 for a 4 oz. bottle.  It does not taste bad the way hardware grade turpentine does.


A salt lamp will take anything in the air down to the floor. It cleans the air. It also clears or absorbs negative energy. Dr. Art says that Rite Aid has salt lamps on sale at Christmas time. Large ones for $6 - $7.


Tom Paladino of Florida, does remote healings using scalar energy. You need to send him a photo of yourself. It does not have to be a photo of your face. It could be a photo of your hand, for instance, as long as it shows some of your skin. It also does not have to be a recent photo.  He will give you 15 days of scalar energy healing for free. He says it kills 400,000 viruses; helps with such things as Crohn’s disease, stomach problems, HIV, herpes; but does not cure cancer. Dr. Art says anyone interested in this, please contact him at  There was also a conference call that took place a week ago. Hearing a replay may be possible. Tom Paladino’s web site is 


Kathleen says this sounds similar to Stephen Lewis’s EMC 2 or EMC Squared… the AIM Program. (Note from Jeannie: I found this web site )


Dr. Art says the only cancer treatment that conventional medicine is currently using that is useful and not harmful is a specialized type of radiation called Proton, which pinpoints the cancer itself without irradiating and harming normal tissue.

 Article (4) - 6th