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Alternativel Medicine


Hemohim (Breakthrough Research) - Recommended by Anna Cantwall of


Anna Cantwall’s Discussion on a herbal Immune System Boosting Product called Hemohim (produced by a company called Atomy). Click the arrow button bellow to listen to the audio of our discussion.





. What is Hemohim? - An immune system boosting supplement and much more!


. Research - Hemohim has many scientific research papers on the website.


. Testimonials


Other Information

. Is there a best time to take it? Take it on an Empty Stomach and drink plenty of water.

. Take it in the morning when you first wake up.

. Take 3 Sachets a day. Then, 1 or 2 a day to maintain good health.

Below you will find important information of the very best Alternative Medicines that we have discussed in our group. We will continue to update this page as and when the information arrives so keep an eye out!


We do not benefit from recommending these products or from the information on this web site. This information is put up for the purposes of helping humanity. We sincerely hope that it will be of great benefit to the reader. We do accept donation so if you feel generous, please donate to Dr Art. Your donation is going toward a ground-braking machine that will help Dr Art to heal from his current health issue. He will then be able to help you in the future. Thank you so much for your kind generosity!


A Natural Cancer treatment 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy


"This is not my Cancer Recovery program, but a part of it"




As you read this information on the Sea Salt you will understand how important this Natural God made product is for your body!


The Selina Naturally, Celtic, Makai Sea Salt is the Best available, in my opinion. Be sure to give them my 20% discount code "Art20" when you order the 1 pound of the Makai Sea Salt for orders in America.


If you live in the UK, you can purchase this on Amazon.


Another good sea salt is Himalayan Sea Salt (the only pink Sea Salt not as good as Makai) also works for the Gout and is in almost all grocery stores. It is also very inexpensive.


Sea Salt helps to heal Cancer and many, many other health problems. This is not my Cancer Recovery program, but a part of it. It is a natural Cancer treatment 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherapy.


The article (below) came several months ago (17th August 2019) and looks to be very creditable. I already know this also works for Type Two Diabetes, Arthritis and Gout,  plus Thyroid problems. This will take 90% of the pain for Acute Gout in the first 10 minutes and all the pain within 3 to 5 days. Keep taking the Sea Salt as recommended.


You can buy the best Sea Salt (Makai Sea Salt) from Selina Naturally Arden, North Carolina, America (Tel: 800-867-7258). They sell Celtic Sea Salt. The brand you will want is called Makai, 1 lb. (2-1/2 lb. bdags) for about $24.00  including S&H. Be sure to mention the 20% Discount code Art20. It is pure white Sea Salt with 1/3 more of the 84 trace minerals than most other Sea Salts, because it is mined from the Ocean at a 2,200 feet depth, not from above ground like the Himalayan Sea Salt the comes from the mountains in Pakistan and is dry.


Take 2 to 3 oz of Distilled Water, heat it for maybe 15 seconds in the microwave, or better to heat it on the stove top. Microwaves are detrimental to your health. Heat the water hot enough to dissolve the salt. Sip about a teaspoon at a time and hold under your tongue for about 30 seconds, if possible. Hold under your tongue and then swallow each time until it's used up. Do this once a day for 5 days. Then for maintenance put 1/8 of a teaspoon on your tongue, let it dissolve,

daily. Drink some water.


If you have Heart, Thyroid, Type Two Diabetes, Arthritis problems or Cancer you may want to stay on the teaspoon daily until you see some relief, then start the 1/8 tsp daily, dissolving on your tongue for maintenance. This Regimen will help you even if you have major heart problems.



In His Service, for your Health, 

Dr. Art Franklin, ND





More than 75 studies from around the world confirm that this compound can beat all types of Cancer Cells. It won’t rob you of your hair. It won’t make you sick. It won’t harm healthy cells. What it will do is stop tumours from growing, spreading, or perhaps even developing in the first place. And that’s not all…Get the full story HERE








Shiaqga Mushroom - Revered by the American Indians


"reported to heal almost any health problem or thing you can name!"




As explained on our Saturday call today (14th September 2019), this the sacred Mushroom I was talking about called Shiaqga, revered by the American Indians, reported to heal almost any health problem or thing you can name! Their website is  (Tel: 888-267-0194) Ava, Missouri, America.


It is a liquid, packaged in 2 or 4oz, eyedropper bottles. Take 3 droppers full daily. The 4oz bottle is a months supply. I suggest buying at least one 4oz, 3X bottle. 

If you have major health problems, go to your Doctor, get a full workup, blood work, urine, etc. Take the Shiaqga product for 1 month, go back and get the same full workup. Not only will you feel better, but you and your Doctor will be completely amazed at your Health improvements that are printed out on your paper. Both of you will be completely blown away! 


This product is surely, "The Fountain of Youth" that everyone has been looking for!


Paul Bean, the owner told me if you have a major disease you need to take a total of 4 - 4oz bottles to become totally well. He will guarantee you, if you are unhappy in any way, he will refund all of your money to you! All of the studies are on their Website for many, many Diseases. Things like Cancer, Kidney and Liver Disease, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune System, all Allergies, It will Immediately boost your own Stem Cell production, Rebuilds your Immune System and on and on, with just amazing results.


They are doing trials on Diabetes right now! They already have the testimonials, now they are backing them up with the Medical proof!

You will want to first buy one of their 3X 4oz bottles, that sell for $88.00. Yesterday I worked out a 10% Discount for our customers with Paul when you give them our discount code of 227, making your cost only $79.80. Go to their Website, they make a less potent version for maintenance, that is for less money. They also make a pet product.


All of this information is on their Website.


In His Service, for your Health, 

Dr. Art Franklin, ND








Important Information For Your Health - Dr. Art Franklin, ND

Disease Recovery within 60 Days!



The Power to Heal is Yours! Our life feels like it is more valuable, after we are pretty sure we are going to lose it!




To those who are now seeking Alternative help to regain their Health! Even those who have Stage lV, Mastasized Cancer, where their Doctor has sent them home to get their affairs in order! Because he has run out of ways to heal them with his Allopathic Medicine!


The human body has the ability to heal itself from any health condition. Just teach it how, provide the building blocks, to Re-Boot and Re-Build your Immune System, then stand back and witness the Miracles! God made us perfect and to put it bluntly, we have just screwed it all up!


Assuming the Patient stays alive for the first 30 days on our Regimen. We must get your Immune System working again! It is the only thing that can save your life! Especially in the case of Cancer, we have found over the last 26 years, that when your Immune System Re-Boots the body will heal itself and when that happens, it's our opinion from past 26 years and over 30,000 Patients that we have observed, this has been the key to their total Recovery, actually no matter their Health problem! Cancer or any other major Health problem! Even Stage lV, Mastasized, Cancer and when their Doctor has sent them home to get their final affairs straighten out! Because he just doesn't know what else to do!





This is Dr. Art Franklin, ND. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and my Specialty has been Cancer Recovery since 1993.  I have been studying Cancer Recovery since 1968. That's 51 years!


I owned a large Natural Health Product Company, a MLM, called Health Thru Nutrition, Inc. (HTN) here in Hampton, VA (1993 to 2004) 11 years. The Company is still operating under the name Zooma World Wide. Who knows what Zooma means? 


My oldest son Ron who retired 18 years ago from VA Natural Gas where he ran their local Warehouse, came with me to run our warehouse at HTN. He is still running Zooma's warehouse today and has only one other helper to ship out the orders.


When I owned the Company, Ron had 25 people working under him. We were extremely busy! We had a total of 62 employees at HTN while I had the company.

Zooma has a different way of thinking, on how to run the Company. They only talk about how much money you can make in MLM. I told our Distributors to help people get well, using our products and don't worry about the money. When the people get well they will tell others and that is a lot better than just talking about the money you can make! I had 5 guys that made $100,000.00 or more a month helping people get well! Makes sense to me!


In February 2004 I sold HTN in 30 days after getting out of the Hospital for one third of what it was worth. I actually sold it for $8 million dollars in one month. If I had waited I should have gotten at least $30,000,000 dollars, but I wasn't sure I would be here to see that happen? Then in 2 years I sold them the building for another $4,500,000.00. We had 7 acres and the building was 45,050 sq ft. A really first class facility.



The reason I sold HTN! 


I was diagnosed with Stage lV, Mastisized Colon Cancer and was given 60 days to live the first part of January 2004. I also had a Melanoma, a mean looking mole on the back of my right ear that was surgically removed. That's 16 years ago and I'm still here and still Cancer Free!


We had Distributors in all 50 States and were in 12 foreign countries, Russia being the largest, with three Offices and Warehouses. We were sending them 1 million dollars in all Natural Health products monthly. Our total World gross sales were running around $30 million a year.


Between HTN our company and me personally we have dealt with over 30,000 Cancer patients since 1993, with a very high Recovery Rate. Ranging, in the last 4 years, between 96 & 97% Recovery. When I had HTN were reached an 85% Recovery Rate. It's been at 100% Recovery Rate since adding the "Triple Frozen Water" to our existing 60 Day Regimen, last March, 2018.


Our 60 Day Regimen jumped to 100% improvement because of a newly discovered Organ in the body (discovered by Dr. Neil Theise, MD) called Interstitium, which means "the place in between" in Latin and the adding of the "Triple Frozen Water" to our existing Regimen. See the original Triple Frozen Water link at the bottom of this information.


Dr. Neil Theise, MD at The NY Medical University, found that there are very small ducts of water in all tissues of the body. This is 20% of your body, making it your largest Organ. Other doctors and scientists discovered that this is also where Cancer grows and thrives and how the Cancer is transferred throughout your body, not the blood, mainly thought the Lymph System, as always thought for the last 400 years! I'm sure Dr. Neil Theise will be receiving the Nobel Prize for his amazing discovery!


To make a very long story short, I have added this "Triple Frozen Water" process, March 2018 to what we've been doing and have not lost a patient since and they are being tested at the Hospital and found there is no Cancer in their bodies after 60 days! Even I can hardly believe it myself!


Our Regimen has been almost full Recovery in the first 60 Days for the last 26 years! We were alway very close to that expected goal and so far it looks very promising! To be honest I thought I had already found the answers with our original 60 Day Regimen, but this "Triple Frozen Water" addition has become Whip Creme with a Cherry on top!


I will be sending you two more Emails that will complete our program on what we can do for you. Assuming you have a interest in what we are doing and want to receive the actual 60 Day Regimen, which details the Procedures and Products we recommend. Also, where they can be purchased at wholesale, for most of the them. The third Email will describe the benefits of Sea Salt! For instance, it is many times more effective for removing Cancer from your body than Chemo, which is killing your Cancer Cells, but is also killing your good Healthy Cells too! Plus with the Sea Salt, there are no side effects and you will not get sick on our Regimen!


I will send you all of my Cancer Recovery information at no cost. I do have a GoFundMe account under Dr. Art Franklin, ND and if my information is valuable to you I would greatly appreciate a donation. Click on the following link in blue to take you directly to my account.


If you have Cancer, any Stage, anywhere in your body, this Regimen will work to completely heal you! If you want to take our 60 Day Regimen, then wait to see if you are Cancer Free in 60 Days, go to the Hospital or your Doctor, get the tests or scans to make sure your are totally Free of Cancer and then make your donation, that will be fine with me, because I'm sure in my mind that if you have followed our recommendations, you will be totally Cancer Free! Please make your donation in the amount that you put on the value of saving your life! I have spent 51 years of almost daily study along with trial and error to give you the ability to add many Healthy years to your life.



In HIS Service, for Your Complete Health,

Dr. Art Franklin, ND



Original "Triple Frozen Water" information - Explains their original concept using tap water. (Not a good idea in our opinion, but they have been successful!) All we have done is to add our 60 Day Regimen of Procedures and Products to their process and we are seeing Miracles happen! Click the link below.




More on this subject in our Discussion Archive




If this information has helped