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Important Information For Your Health - Dr. Art Franklin, ND

Disease Recovery within 60 Days!



The Power to Heal is Yours! Our life feels like it is more valuable, after we are pretty sure we are going to lose it!






This is Dr. Art Franklin, ND. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and my Specialty has been Cancer Recovery since 1993. I have been studying Cancer Recovery since 1968. That's 51 years!


I am presenting my 51 years of expertise to you absolutely free! This is a great deal of information, please take the time to review it especially if you have any major Health problems!


I have found what works best over the years with trial and error on over 30,000 Cancer patients since 1985. The most impressive ones are those that have been sent home to say their good bye’s and get their affairs straightened out. Since March 2018 we have not lost a Cancer patient!


If what you read here is of interest, you need to contact me directly preferably by:


Phone: 757-773-4871

Email: DrArtFranklin1934@gmail.com



I am sure you will have many questions and I can guide you through the process. I do not charge any money to speak with you for 1 or 2 hours, if necessary.


I am the Messenger and I can lead the horse to water, but I can't make him drink! I sincerely hope you are not that stubborn Horse that will not drink ???


I do not charge any money upfront to send you, my 51 years of knowledge in the field of Cancer Research that has worked for thousands over the years! However, if you do follow what I recommend for 60 days, I want you to go back to the Hospital, get a scan and I believe, you will be actually, totally Cancer Free! Even if they have told you, you are at Stage lV, and the Cancer has Mastizied to other areas of your body!


Of course you will have to take my word that this actually works to remove the Cancer out of your body or any Disease for that matter. All I can say is that this works and I will not make a nickel if you die or don't fully Recover! I'm willing to spend my time to help you Save Your own Life!


So I only will ask for your donation after you become Cancer Free or otherwise well within 60 Days!


I am trusting that you will be so pleased with the result of your good health that you will send a donation to my PayPal account using my email address (DrArtFranklin1934@gmail.com). 


How much is your Life really worth?

Maybe everything you now own? 

Please pay attention, Your Life depends on it!


If you are not interested Please let me know so we don't waste a lot of time. I want to spend my time in helping someone who is not that horse that won't drink!


This seems to work every time for Cancer Recovery, assuming you Live for the first 30 days to get your Immune System ReBooted! It is the only thing that can Save your Life! In our opinion there is no magic Bullet, only good natural science that has been proven to be true!




Products and Procedures you need to Recover from almost any Disease within 60 days!




Specially Treated Water


The first 2 weeks you will need to take the two Cleansing Products as outlined below (Coral treated Distilled Water & Lightning H2o Water). Plus Please, DON'T drink any soft drinks of any kind! Especially Diet Drinks, they can really damage your body and set you back, maybe even kill you?


You can also start drinking the Coral treated Distilled Water as outlined below that has also been treated with the concentrated John Ellis Water/ now called Lightning H2o! At the rate of 1/2 ounce of the Distilled Coral Calcium and the Lightning H2o water concentrate, per 1 pound of body weight, daily.


Example: If you weigh 200 pounds, you need 100 ounces of this Treated water, daily.


The John Ellis Water/Lightning H2o water has 13 International Patents and 332 Approved FDA studies. It also had over 30 times the Energy of any other Structured Water. To make it, it goes through a major filtration system that costs over $3,000 a month to properly maintain. The filters are changed monthly! Greg Paley's water bill, who makes the Lightning H2o, exceeds $3,000 monthly. It takes 40 gallons of water that has been Super filtered and concentrated to make 1 gallon of the concentrated Lightning H2o Water.


His cost is paramount and his is, we believe, the best processed Water on Earth! The filters are replaced sometimes sooner than 1 month, depending on the volume of water that is being used!


It is recycled 100's of times over Ultra Violate Lights to kill all of the bad organisms. It is known as the purest Water in the World today! It is also the perfect concentrated Oxygenated Water in the World today. I believe non other has ever existed that is this pure!


If You are interested in changing your Life you should start drinking this fully structured water ASAP. It is capable of raising the Oxygen levels in your blood stream to help you quickly heal your complete body from almost any Disease, especially Cancer!


Your Discount code will be "10% off Now" They will send you 8 - 16oz bottles, 2 - 4 oz bottles with product and eyedroppers. Greg Paley is the man that John Ellis picked to sell his product and machines, because he is doing it correctly. (When you call I will give you Greg's contact information).


There are many lookalikes, please don't be fooled? By the way Greg Paley uses the 39 gallons of the waste water to water his large garden to Raise vegetables. He feeds 25 to 30 people a day 3 meals a day, that are in need! My kind of man!


I recently learned about www.dancingwithwater.com. Go to their web site, listen to what MJ Pangman has to say. This is mind blowing information that you need to know about! To receive a Discount, use this Code “5 off Now”. This will give you a 5% Discount!


I actually knew that thousands of years ago the Egyptians put their water in Egg shaped containers to improve it, keeping out any bad bacteria in the water, wine, or anything they were drinking!


This is a greatly improved system, that is now available to you, I think what they offer is more than reasonable!!! Watch her YouTubes, Pretty Amazing!


All I can say is, don't miss out on what this can do for Your own Health or that of your Loved Ones !!! Put your Lightning H2o Water into this system and nothing in the world could be better in structuring any water.


Many people drink everything but water. Anything else other than the Coral Calcium and the Lightning H2o treated water doesn't work with this program. If you don't drink much water you can't start drinking that much water a day. It will overload your system! Start slowly and work up to what you need over about a weeks time! Reason: Your Pancreas excretes Acid into your stomach and small intestines to help you digest your food. DO Not drink this Highly Alkalized, Alkaline water, 1 hour before or 1 hour after you eat. This allows the Pancreatic Acid to help you properly Digest your food.


Just know "You" can do it!


When you reach a Saliva pH of 7.5 you can start drinking it for normal maintenance as outlined immediately below.


Put 6 oz of the Lightening H2o concentrated Water in a 1 gallon jar, fill it with Distilled water. This will make all of the water become the Lightening H2o water. Then add two, 1 gram Coral Calcium Sachets per gallon. Drink this water as maintenance on a daily basis to keep your body Alkaline! If your pH starts to drop below a 7 pH add 8 of the Coral Calcium Sachets to the gallon until you become a Alkaline pH again.


Our modern diets aren't currently working for us today? If you don't want to do what is outlined in the Fast 5 Intermittent Fasting diet (www.fast-5.com) (https://www.bertherring.com/you-dont-have-to-wait-for-studies-to-be-sure-about-some-benefits/) you can basically eat normally, as long as it is at least 80% Alkaline food. To 20% Acidic food. Mostly raw. You can Google (or use Brave.com as your browser, it is much safer!) what foods are Alkaline and Acidic that you can eat. Raw is much better, so you are eating food that hasn't been cooked to death and in a Raw form you are getting all of the Vitamins and Nutrients it has to offer.


If you are a Vegan or Vegetarian you are 40% to 60% Anaemic. This is a proven fact! To take care of this problem you must add some Grass Fed Beef. You are missing Taurine in your body that helps to give you the Electrical Circuits you must have to Live the Vibrant Life you deserve!


Go to: USWellnessMeats in Texas to buy your Grass Fed Beef. This is rated as one of the top grass fed meat providers in the World today!


Again, DON'T and I really mean DON'T drink any soft drinks! It will set you back at least a month, maybe more! Voiding everything you have done! It is gasoline poured on a fire to the Cancer!


After the first two weeks your Intestines should be totally cleaned out. You are now ready to start taking the supplements as outlined below!


This 3rd week I want you to Fast for 1 week only, no food at all. (This does not mean Fast Food!) I know you can do it, because I've done it for 1 month, four times now, once a year. Twice a year for 1 week each time would be best! Fall and summer.


Just drink the Coral Calcium, Lightning H2o treated Distilled Water and go through all the procedures as outlined below. Again, it should be treated with the Coral Calcium and Lightning H2o Water throughout your 60 Day Regimen. If you are smart you will keep this up as maintenance for the rest of your Life!


What ever the Health problem you have, it should be gone and stay gone!


If it's Cancer I can almost guarantee it will be totally out of your body and if you keep drinking the Coral Calcium, Lightning H2o treated Distilled Water as maintenance it will never come back! Assuming you don't die the first 30 days? You will normally ReBoot your Immune System in the first 30 days. This is the only thing that can Save Your Life, in our opinion. There is no magic Bullet, so to speak!


Again, if you start becoming Acidic with your pH tests, add the 8 Sachets of the Coral to your 1 gallon of Distilled Water, treated with 6 ozs of Lightning H2o water concentrate until you are back Alkaline, 7 pH to 7.5 pH. Again, a 7.5 pH is best!


The number one product, in our opinion has been and still is our Coral Calcium.


Back in January 1995, I flew to Tokyo, Japan to meet with Mr. Noboia Somaya. Who was the first Patent holder to manufacture the packaged Coral back in the early 1950's.


I was there for one week. We were able to sign a Exclusive Sales contract as the only in the U.S. Company to have the Coral Calcium sales agreement for Canada, the U.S., Central and, South America. We were the first Company to bring the Coral Calcium to these Countries!


Our company name was Health Thru Nutrition, Inc. (HTN). Now called The Health Network, Inc. Location, Hampton, VA. I have set up another Coral Calcium supplier that will sell the product to you at wholesale! When you call I will give you that information.


This really Amazes me, how could this really Unbelievable product not be available in the U.S.? This has proven to be, one of the most amazing Natural Health Products in the World, in our opinion!


If you intend to become well again, you must make your body Alkaline quickly and this is the only way that I know about, that it can be done!

Call me on how you will use up a 16 month Supply in just 5 weeks? This will make your body Alkaline in 3 weeks. Cancer can not survive in a Alkaline Environment!

Acid is your number one Enemy! If you have Stage lV, Mastasized Cancer, your body is extremely Acidic. In fact when you have any type of Cancer, testing your pH by using pH Paper, testing your Saliva (not your Urine) it will be at a very Acidic, 4.5 pH. This is 1,000 times more Acidic than you should be!


All Cancer patients are very Acidic at a 4.5 pH. Do this pH test first thing when you wake up, this will give you a true reading.


The bodies Range, using Saliva for the test will be 4.5pH to a 7.5pH. Either side of these two measurements, you are Dead! Your Blood has a very narrow Range, it will be a 7.25 pH to a 7.45 pH with a Blood test. All Doctors can do this blood test. They seem to know nothing about a Saliva test? That is how you actually know what is going on in your body, not your Bloods pH, in my opinion.


A Saliva 4.5 pH is 1,000 more Acidic than you should be! You must quickly become Alkaline at a, 7 pH to a 7.5 pH in order to survive your illness! A 4.5 does not mean you have Cancer, but you are a real good Candidate. Has your Doctor ever had you take a Saliva pH test, I don't think so!


A 7.5 pH is the best, it allows your body to heal and your Immune System kicks in and heals you and again is Protecting you daily, as God intended from the beginning!!


You will need pH test paper to check your Saliva's pH first thing in the morning to get an accurate pH reading.


First thing when you wake up tare off a small piece of the pH Paper from the roll and while still holding the paper, dip it under your tongue into your fresh Saliva, get it wet with Saliva, wait a few moments, plus then hold it up to the color chart which is yellow 4.5 pH, light green will be the 5 pH, dark green is in the 6 pH Range, blue is a 7 pH and purple is a 7.5 pH on the color chart on the side of the roll.


If you have Cancer the pH Paper color will stay yellow, a 4.5 pH, this again is 1,000 times more Acidic than you should be!


It will normally take you 3 weeks to be at 7pH, blue to a 7.5 pH, purple using the 16 month supply of the Coral Calcium in 5 weeks to quickly Alkalize your body! This Coral product will also reverse any Osteoporosis (Bringing your bone density back to normal) in usually, 60 days! When the product is mega dosed as recommended.


Also, it is really important if the distilled water is also treated with the Lightning H2o concentrate. It will greatly magnify your Healing results.

Check your Health Food Store to see if they have a pH with this Range, 4.5 pH to 7.5 pH. This is in a roll with a color chart on the side to see what your Saliva pH is? Your cost for a roll, 300 tests, will cost about $13.00. These are not pH strips that are very expensive.


If you can not find the pH rolls in your Health Food Store you can call Micro Essentials in NY City on 718-338-3618. Ask for Item #334, a box of 10 rolls that has the Range of a 4.5 pH to a 7.5pH. Cost about $75.00. This is more pH Paper than one person needs, but this is what you need if the Health Food Store does not have a 4.5 to a 7.5 pH available! The body operates between 4.5 and 7.5 pH and we always felt the exact Ranges were better and more accurate which is why we recommend getting pH paper with a range between 4.5 and 7.5 pH.



Candida Albicans


All Cancer patients are overrun with a Yeast Infection, which is Candida Albicans. Candida causes all kinds of Health problems and for some reason Doctors don't even check to see if Candida is present in your body???


Has your Doctor ever checked you for Candida? My Doctor has never checked mine? But I know how to check it and what to do to take care of the problem! Again, call me and I will explain a very simple, no cost Candida test you can do at home! 757-773-4871.


To receive the maximum benefits you will need the 30 - 1 gram Sachets in 16 foil packs of the Coral Calcium. Each foil pack is a normal 1 month supply. They normally sell for a total of, $595.00 for the 16 month supply.


As a huge favour to me and to the people I work with, because I arranged that 2004 agreement between my Distributor in Spokane Valley, WA and the Japanese Coral manufacturer, they have extended this amazing discounted offer to me and my Cancer patients.


They will sell the 16 foil packs to you, my patient for only $270.00. That's $17.00 per foil pack, instead of the normal $37.50 a foil pack! The $17.00 is just above his landed cost! This is the original Coral, not a knock off! Like Coral from Brazil.


Be sure what you are buying, there are many fakes out there that say they have the properly processed Coral Calcium from Okinawa! I know this for a fact!


When I owned HTN we sold the same foil pack, with a different name, for $37.50 a foil pack and we sold $12,000,000.00, million or more dollars of it a year for 9 of the 11 years I owned the Company. That was, because the product actually immediately worked!


The Cancer patient would become Alkaline within 3 weeks! Cancer can not survive in a Alkaline environment! One of the major keys for Cancer Recovery!


Cancer Thrives and Spreads throughout an Acidic Body, through a newly discovered Organ called Interstitium Means "in between" in Latin. This new Organ was discovered last year and the information was released March 2018. This was not known for the last 450 years? It is 20% of your body! Dr. Neil Thiese at The NY Medical University made this unbelievable Discovery! The Lightning H2o concentrated "Deterium Depleted Water" has the ability to help wash the Dead Cancer Cells out of your body! Just follow our instructions.


To prevent a Herxheimer Reaction, (like having the flu: https://patient.info/doctor/jarisch-herxheimer-reaction) go to WalMart or Target and buy a 38" Rebounder, like a mini trampoline for $50.00. Get one with a bar to hold on to for balance! If you use this twice a day for 15 minutes each time it will help you dump all the dead Cancer Cells out of your body. Again, please call me on this, so I can explain what you should do and how you can do this without jumping!


In January 2004 I was diagnosed with Stage lV, Mastized Colon Cancer. My Doctors told me I had about 60 days left to live! So I decided to sell HTN and Retire, maybe I would live??


HTN had a Book Value of $30 Million Dollars, maybe more! I sold it in less than 30 days at less than one third of it's worth in 30 days. Because, my Doctor's assured me I would die within 60 days if I didn't take Chemo and Radiation? Obviously I didn't die 16 years ago!


They probably told me this, because I refused their Chemo and Radiation. I thought I knew how to Save My own Life, but I wasn't completely sure? Now 17 years later I'm now 99.99% sure I know what to do for Cancer Recovery and that's for anyone!


Mainly because of the Coral Calcium and the added Lightning H2o concentrated Water to our Regimen!


I set up the Distributor in Spoken, WA as the only Authentic Coral Calcium Distributor in the U.S. in February 2004.


You would use our Discount code, "St. Judes 50% Dr. Art" $275.00 for 16 foil packs, 30 - 1 gram Sachets in each foil pack. Totalling, 480 - 1 gram sachets.


When we made capsules with exactly the same Coral it did not work to heal your body as the Coral Sachet in the water?


I know, because at HTN we took exactly the same Coral that was in the Sachets, putting that Coral in a fine powder grind into the capsules and people were not even beginning to see the same benefits. That's always been a mystery to me?


The next most important product is called Lightning H2o concentrated water.

This is "Deuterium Depleted Water.” Light water. Similar to the Triple Frozen water you have been hearing about from me for two years now.


This Lightning H2o Concentrated Water accomplishes the same end results with much less work for you, plus it is a much better product!


Plus they will give you a 10% Discount if you give the Discount Code "10 off Now.”


The next product is one of the best Colon Cleanse products available on the market that we have been able to find!


It is made especially for us by Master Herbalist Micheal Sutter. This is a two part product, 90 capsules and 8 oz. of powder. You will need to call me for information regarding how to get this product.


You start off taking 1 capsule, adding a capsule every day, until you have diarrhoea. Usually by the 4th day, maybe another few days and more pills a day and you should have reached that goal of having diarrhoea! Start backing off 1 capsule each day until your stool is soft. On the 8th day, you are continuing with the capsules, and also start taking the powder, 5 teaspoons throughout the day. If it starts to constipate you, (it's scrubbing down the Colon walls,) increase the capsules, 1 more each day until your stool is soft again.


This combination is also in the 14 day Regimen. You may think you are eliminating your waste just fine, but almost always the Colon Walls are slugged up and yours probably are to, you are not getting many of the nutrients from your food and/or the supplements you are taking! They are going straight into the toilet!


When we added the Colon Cleanse to our Regimen in 2011, we increased our Recovery Rate by 22%. That's a big deal!


Micheal Sutter had looked at our Cancer Regimen for us in 2011 and told us, this addition was absolutely needed! He was right!


I might add that Micheal is a Pastor in Kalispell, MT and every product that leaves his Lab has been Blessed! When you call I will give you this information.


Turpentine (Important Please contact me before taking this product!). During the first 2 weeks you are taking the above Colon Cleanse, plus this Turpentine Regimen.


This is another Cleansing program that is an Old Time Folk Remedy. Going back about 300 years. It was their "Go To Cure" for everything, from a runny nose to Cancer, during the slavery times in this Country. A Doctor would not treat a Slave, so they found that the Turpentine worked for everything. They even treated their Masters for Cancer and other Health problems!


I found out about this about 5 years ago when one of my very successful Distributors at HTN, Dr. Marcel Wolf who lives in Canada, when I owned HTN. He called me about 5 years ago and told me about this.


I could not hardly believe what he was telling me, could it even be true! He gave me the Doctor's name and phone number in Panama. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD who had a Practice in New York. She lost her Medical License in NY, because she was recommending the Turpentine Cleanse to her patients.


When I called her in Panama and she explained that the Turpentine Cleanse was a absolute Miracle and she moved to Panama so she could Practice Medicine and has kept on recommending the Turpentine ever since! You can search her.


To purchase the Distilled Turpentine it will cost you $12.99 for a 4 oz bottle including shipping if you are in the U.S. Buy it from:

Diamond G Forrest Products, Patterson, GA.



Ask for Julie, she and her husband Skip own the Company and Distill the sap from the pine trees there in GA. It has a slight taste, but it is very mild compared to Hardware Store Turpentine!


Here are some more products you will need! Take as per my instruction or the instruction on the bottle.


1,000 times more effective than Chemo and will not make you sick. For Cancer, Lupus, Arthritis, and just about anything that is ailing you, it would be a good idea to try it. For instance, 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt in 4 oz of Distilled water, heat it up on the stove.


The Microwave is bad for your Health, it is Radiation, Example: Heat up some water in the Microwave, let it cool, water several of your house plants, they will be DEAD within a week! That kind of tells you what's going on!


Everyone has a Microwave in this Country and I'll bet you didn't know that it is slowly killing you! Maybe much faster than you think!


So, heat the 4 oz of Distilled water on the stove top, (not the Microwave) put in 1 tea Spoon of the fine grind Himalayan Salt, heating it warm enough to dissolve the fine grind Sea Salt.


Let it cool (maybe put in your freezer for a few minutes) cool enough to put in your mouth. Sip about a teaspoon at a time, holding it under your tongue each time for about 30 seconds, until it's all used up.


The Celtic Sea Salt, brand Makai, can be purchased on Amazon for $18.00. Also buy a Grinder for $7.69. That totals $25.69, which is enough to give you Free shipping. Hopefully I have posted the correct prices?


It dissolves easier if you get the fine grind. Use it to also Salt your food. Best to buy a pound at one time. When you buy $25 in merchandise the postage is free from Amazon.


Amazingly, 1 teaspoon dissolved in 4 oz of in Distilled water. Do this for 5 days. Maintenance is 1/4 teaspoon daily in 2 oz of the Distilled Lightning H2o treated water. Sip, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, sip until gone. Do this every day for the rest of your Life!


A 1,000 mg bottle of "Cololine," a cost of $29.00 with a 90 day guarantee. This is a Sublingual product (drops under the tongue). Not an Opioid and no addiction, this is all Natural Pain Relief product!


They also have a new topical Cololine jar of product for $29.00. Be sure to tell them the $29.00 price, which is their Internet offer, because both of these products normally sell on their web site for $47.00 each. You will need to call to purchase this product 888-964-5327. See if Elissa is available to speak with you? We had a good conversation about these two amazing products!




Bee Propolis Ultimate - An excellent "CANCER" product




Normal 60 day supply $87.99, we suggest using 2 caps a day, becoming a 30 day supply for Cancer. Search: PharmOrigins.com to read all about it! They are located in the Atlanta, GA area.


These next first 3 products are from Life Extension, plus more products listed below.


The two main procedures for Cancer Recovery are to quickly help your body to Alkalize and Mineralize within 3 weeks, using the (Coral Calcium). Then to clean up your Colon and the test of your body. Then also re-booting and re-building your Immune System, by using the products outlined below.


Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with PQQ | 100 mg 30 softgels


Need 1 cap a day,

2 bottles, Total $74.00



Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg & Vitamin E 100 vegetarian capsules

Item #01778,

Take 6 a day,

4 Bottles, Total $30.80

If they have the XR this is the best available.



Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Powder (tropical punch drink) 93.35 grams = 0.206 lbs

Item #02032,

Need 2 jars, Total $59.00



All of the above Items are from LifeExtensioneurope.com. These are their retail prices. They have discounts often. So in most cases when you order, the prices will be less. Above retail total = $163.80





Here are some more products that you will also need!



Organic C60 Olive Oil Capsules / Pills 100ml 

Take 2 a day

1 Bottle, Total $66.99

Benefits: Removes Toxic Metabolic Waste and Free Radicals, Promotes Longevity, Kills Microbes, Stops Sunburn, Helps to prevent Alzheimer's and much more.




CircO2 Organic Nitric Oxide (6 Boxes of 30 quick dissolve tabs)

Item #444

Take 2 a day, 12 hours apart. Chew and dissolve in mouth.

6 boxes-30 tabs, Total $249.00

Advanced Bionutritionals



Super Bio Curcumin 400mg | 60 Vegetarian Capsules


Need 2 caps a day,

2 bottles, Total $57.00


Activated Charcoal


100 capsules, 2 bottles $17.26

Take 5 a day, 14 days, then 2 a day from then on. Excellent detox.


Solaray Serrapeptase

90 caps, 10mg bottle

Item #28548,

Take 6 caps a day,

6 bottles, Total $94.44


Shiaqga Mushroom

This is a must. When you call I will tell you about this important product.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you. 757-773-4871


Celery Juice by Anthony William

Cost $10.42. Amazon


This book will tell you how to remove all the heavy metals from your body by juicing Celery daily. It also helps with many other Health benefits that will absolutely amaze you! It will be the best $10.00 to $11.00 that you probably have ever spent! When you buy the book you can also read it on line, so you have no delay in starting the Juicing Regimen. All you need is a Juicer and some Celery!



Dr. Art Franklin (Naturopathic Doctor)


Specialist in Cancer Treament

Contact me for Coral Calcium info.


Contact: 757-773-4871

If this information has helped